Sennheiser will debut a more affordable Ambeo soundbar this year

And Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds are coming next month.


Sennheiser's Ambeo soundbar is a big and impressive all-in-one Dolby Atmos option, but it also carries a $2,500 price tag. That's almost double compared to most other flagship Atmos models from the competition. However, the company says it's working on more affordable Ambeo soundbars that offer similar performance. At an event this week primarily focused on its new IE 600 in-ears and overall strategy under Sonova, the new owner of Sennheiser's consumer business, the company teased new Ambeo soundbars that should debut later this year.

"Our plan in the future is to bring this technology into those price points here the competition is playing," Sennheiser's director of portfolio management Stefan Krämer explained. Reading between the lines, this would likely mean at least one new Ambeo model should clock in around $1,000 as that's where much of the Dolby Atmos-equipped competition resides. He also said we can "expect a very similar experience" to the model that debuted in 2019.

The company says it's also working on a third-generation version of its flagship Momentum True Wireless earbuds. Details are scarce here, but we won't have to wait long to get more info. Krämer said that model will debut next month during this week's event. It should offer most, if not all, of the bells and whistles you expect in a set of premium true wireless earbuds. The company did say that there will be a new design and "next level ANC" (active noise cancellation) in addition to great audio performance. Previous Momentum True Wireless models debuted at $300, but offered some of the best sound quality of any buds we've tested.

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