Sennheiser's headphones can now switch modes based on location

The Ambeo soundbar is also receiving AirPlay 2 and Spotify support.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Sennheiser just delivered a pair of updates that could make its audio gear more compelling, particularly at the end of a long work day. To start, an upgrade to the Smart Control app for Android and iOS can automatically change your headphones' EQ, noise cancellation levels and other settings based on your location. This isn't a new feature in the audio world (Sony has offered this for years), but it'll be appreciated if you want to hear colleagues at the office but tune out the world while at home.

The Smart Control revamp also offers a Sound Check feature to help the EQ match your tastes, and user account support helps you carry settings between device. Sennheiser also promises a more intuitive (not to mention sleeker-looking) interface.

The Ambeo soundbar, meanwhile, is becoming decidedly smarter. Sennheiser is launching an "Ambeo OS" platform that expands the TV speaker's functionality. You'll finally get AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect support to stream your music service of choice. And while you can steer the soundbar through Smart Control, you'll also have a web interface if you'd rather navigate from your computer.

This last update won't make the Ambeo's $2,500 sticker easier to handle. It at least provides the kind of connectivity you'd expect for that money, though. And look at it this way: Ambeo OS could make Sennheiser's more affordable soundbar that much more alluring when it arrives later this year.

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