Riot Games adds to its world of virtual influencers who promote 'League of Legends'

But her ultimate purpose remains a mystery!

Riot Games

“Seraphine” first appeared on social media in late June, posting selfies to Instagram and tweeting about her desire to “share music and hopefully connect with people.” By August she was releasing songs to a Soundcloud account. But Seraphine isn’t a typical social media personality -- for one thing, she’s an animated character. For another, she’s dropped League of Legends easter eggs in her posts that have sparked rumors about her association with it. Now, Riot Games has confirmed that she’s a “virtual influencer,” not unlike the other virtual bands created by the company: True Damage and K/DA.

Friday, Seraphine announced she’s collaborating with K/DA on an upcoming song. “I'll be working with them to help produce their album and (gasp!) feature on an upcoming track,” she tweeted. In turn, K/DA tweeted a group picture featuring Seraphine with the accompanying text, “Asked and answered.”

Riot Games quelled some of our curiosity with a statement saying in part that Seraphine is a “digital influencer and artist” associated with the developer. And that we can expect to see Seraphine work with many collaborators to “help bring her to life musically, vocally, and artistically,” the statement said.

That answers a few questions, but speculation remains … is Seraphine the next League champion? Is she simply advertising the game? With the League of Legends championship coming later this month, hopefully we’ll know soon.

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