‘Shakedown Hawaii’ is coming to Wii and Wii U

Guess it makes sense for a ‘retro’ game to come to discontinued consoles?

Vblank Entertainment Inc.

The 16-bit retro action game Shakedown Hawaii will soon be available on the Wii U and, for those who still own one, the Wii. Developer Brian Provinciano announced the news on the Vblank Entertainment blog that the Wii version will launch Thursday, July 9th in the UK, with the Wii U version to follow sometime in August.

Some may find the move a little random, considering both consoles have been discontinued for a few years now. Provinciano seems to admit as much, as he wrote that the idea to port to the Wii came from a “whim of curiosity” and a “jolt of Wii nostalgia.” After realizing that a Wii version of Shakedown wouldn’t be released in North America, he decided to also port to Wii U. Coronavirus hindered the original release, which was planned for months ago. “Of course, I never would've imagined that would've taken this long, but better late than never!” he said.

Shakedown Hawaii allows you to play as the CEO of a “legitimate” company and build your business by any means necessary, whether that be by sabotaging competitors or shaking down shops for protection money, as the Vblank website suggests. Provinciano said the Wii’s 4:3 formatting allows you to experience the game in “the most retro way possible.”

The game will be $29.99 upon its July 9th release. However, it’s limited to 3,000 copies. Details on the Wii U and Steam versions are coming in August.