Sonos Move gets a battery life boost, now comes in white

The portable speaker will last a bit longer away from power.
Jen Diaz
J. Diaz|06.16.20

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Jen Diaz
June 16, 2020 12:59 PM
Sonos Move Shadow Black and Lunar White

Sonos has unveiled a new color for its portable Move speaker: Lunar White. The new color coordinates with Sonos’ other home speakers, all of which already come in white and black variants. A new color option isn’t the only change for this premium speaker. A recent software update boosted the Move’s battery life, giving it up to 11 continuous hours of audio. 

While 11 hours doesn’t seem like much compared to the average portable speaker, the Move can do a lot more than a standard Bluetooth speaker. It’s built to stand up to far harsher environments than most people would ever encounter while still providing high-quality audio via Bluetooth or WiFi. The Move doesn’t mind if you leave it on your patio overnight, even if it rains or snows, or if temperatures drop below freezing.

The Lunar White Move is already available for pre-order directly through the Sonos website for $399. The new color ships June 30 in the US, Canada, Mexico and China, while Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan will get it a week later.

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