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Sony shows off its Airpeak filmmaking drone for the first time

Wait... so what was filming the Airpeak?

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Sony Airpeak drone

Just two months after announcing the Airpeak in a vague press release and equally mysterious video, Sony has shown off its new drone in a virtual CES 2021 presentation. The Airpeak supports Sony’s Alpha series of mirrorless cameras and uses AI to keep images steady as it flies through the sky.

Sony’s drone is designed for “adventurous creators,” according to company president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. It has four rotors, two landing arms that lift with takeoff, and it all looks mighty sleek in action.

The Airpeak will launch in the spring at an undisclosed price point. It’ll face some competition in the form of consumer-focused filmmaking drones from companies including DJI, Parrot and Skydio.

In addition to the reveal video, Sony shared footage of the Airpeak at work, filming the road test of the Vision-S. It’s Sony all the way down, from the drone to the camera and even to the electric car itself.

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