Sony confirms PS VR2 is coming to market 'in early 2023'

The announcement came through Sony's official Instagram account.


If you were hoping to while the holiday season wearing a virtual reality headset from Sony, you are sadly out of luck. Nearly six years after its predecessor debuted in 2016, Sony took to Instagram on Monday to announce that its next iteration of the console-based VR system won't arrive until "early 2023."

The company first showed off the new hardware, which includes an updated headset and revamped controllers, back in February. Built to better fit in with the PS5's smoother design aesthetics, the PS VR2 will reportedly feature softer, more forgiving ergonomics as well as offer live streaming capabilities and Cinematic Mode.

According to a PlayStation blog last month, the new setup would run 4000 x 2040 resolution (that's 2000 x 2040 per eye) at 90/120hz while a "see-through mode" safety feature will keep wayward players from wandering too far a virtual field, similar to what Meta offers on the Quest Guardian. There's no word yet on pricing.