Sony adds 'Nier: Automata,' 'Ghostrunner' and 'Undertale' to PlayStation Now

Play them starting on August 3rd.

Square Enix

Sony is adding Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner and Undertale to its PlayStation Now service, the company announced on Monday. Subscribers can play all three games starting on August 3rd, with Nier: Automata only available on the service until November 1st, 2021. While none of the titles Sony is adding tomorrow are exactly new or, for that matter, exclusive to PlayStation Now, they’re smart additions to the platform’s library all the same. Nier and Undertale are particularly well-regarded and just niche enough that not everyone has gone out of their way to play them.

As Sony looks for ways to counter Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now subscribers can look forward to more high-profile games making their way to the platform. Back in May, the company said it was working on “strengthening” the service by investing in and partnering with external studios.