Sony explains how PS4 accessories will work on PS5

Officially licensed controllers should be fine while playing PS4 titles.


Sony has clarified how both PS5 and PS4 accessories will work with its next video game console. First, let's get the old DualShock 4 out of the way: it'll work with PS4 games that are backwards compatible on the PS5, but it can't be used for next-gen video games. The reason, Sony explained in a blog post, is that many PS5 games will be using the "new technologies and features" offered by the DualSense controller, such as the adaptive triggers and 'haptic feedback' rumble. If you want an example of this, watch Geoff Keighley's hands-on video with the PS5 exclusive Astro's Playroom.

Official third-party PS4 controllers, such as Razer's Raiju and Nacon's Revolution Pro, should work in a similar fashion to the DualShock 4. Sony also confirmed that licensed "special peripherals," such as steering wheels, fighting sticks and aviation-focused joysticks, can be used with PS5 and backwards compatible PS4 software. Confusingly, though, the company added: "We do not guarantee the operation of all officially licensed products or peripheral devices of other companies. Please check the manufacturer for the compatibility status of PS5 and each game title." The message, in short, is 'they should work, but don't blame us if they don't.'"

Sony also used today's blog post to reiterate that the PSVR headset and its various accessories -- including the camera, Move wands and gun-shaped Aim controller -- will work with the PS5. The camera will require a special adapter, though, which Sony has promised will be available "free of charge" to PS5 owners. "Details will be announced later," the company teased in a blog post. Headsets that use the USB port or audio terminal on the PS4 should also work just fine, though Sony has stressed that its PlayStation 4-branded headset companion app won't work with the PS5.

None of these clarifications should be too surprising. Microsoft is going a step further, though, with full compatibility between Xbox One and Series X, including its wonderful Elite Controller and Adaptive Controller.