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Sony's PlayStation 5 drops back to an all-time low, plus the rest of this week's best tech deals

Including discounts on the iPad Air, Google Pixel 7a and Samsung phones.

Photo by Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

This week marks the official availability of Samsung's two new foldable phones and our reviews are in. While you wouldn't expect a deal this early, Amazon is throwing in a gift card if you order either the foldable or flip phone from it site. Other deals include a decent $50 discount on the disc version of the PlayStation 5 from multiple retailers and $100 off Apple's 5th-gen iPad Air. Google Pixel devices are also on sale, with a $55 discount on the very capable Pixel 7a smartphone and $60 off on both the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Buds Pro. Music makers might want to check out the summer sale at Arturia and live streamers in may like Amazon's discount on Razer's Stream Controller X. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

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PlayStation 5

Photo by Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

The disc-enabled version of the PS5 is currently $50 percent off at multiple retailers.

$449 at Amazon
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$449 at Walmart$449 at Best Buy

Once upon a time (last year) it was tough to find a PlayStation 5 in stock, and now it's on sale at multiple retailers for its lowest price yet. Right now the pricier disc-enabled version is $50 off at Amazon, Walmart, Verizon and Best Buy —you can even get the same deal directly from Sony if you prefer. We think the PS5 is the best premium gaming console you can buy. The graphics are stunning and the performance is seamless, thanks to big improvements in power and visual fidelity over the PS4. Plus PlayStation has a deep bench of exclusive titles to play.

The console also comes with an excellent DualSense controller that gives you precise and intense haptic feedback along with triggers that adjust the tension in response to your in-game actions. And speaking of...

PlayStation DualSense controller

Pick up a spare gamepad for your PS5 while its $20 off.

$50 at Amazon

Your new PS5 comes with one DualSense controller, but if you need another for couch co-op games or if you want a spare just in case, this is a good time to buy as Amazon has multiple shades of the Sony controller on sale for up to 35 percent off. That brings it down from $75 to $40 or $50, depending on the color. Note that the discount doesn't apply to the DualSense Edge controller, which is holding strong at $200. That gamepad includes swappable joysticks, additional paddles and easy button remapping, which we liked overall, but did take some issue with a battery life that could be longer.

Apple iPad Air (5th gen)

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The new iPad Air is the one we recommend for most people and right now it's down to $500 at multiple retailers.   

$500 at Amazon
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$500 at Best Buy$500 at Target

Of all available Apple tablets, the 5th generation iPad Air is the one we think will work best for most people and right now it's down to $500. That's the same price it went for during Amazon's Prime Day last month, but now you can also snag the deal from Best Buy or Target. This sale price applies to the 64GB model with WiFi connectivity. The models with more storage and added cellular capabilities are also on sale, for between 13 and 22 percent off.

The iPad Air arrived in 2022, carrying Apple's own M1 system-on-a-chip processor. The screen is bright and sharp, which is great for gaming and watching shows. Pair it with a keyboard and other accessories and it becomes a capable productivity machine, handling writing, drawing, moderate photo editing and work-related apps like Airtable, Slack and Zoom.

Google Pixel 7a

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

The latest budget Pixel is now cheaper than ever at Amazon, Best Buy and directly from Google.  

$444 at Amazon
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$444 at Google

Our favorite mid-range Android smartphone is Google's Pixel 7a and right now unlocked handsets are down to the lowest price we've tracked, selling for just $444 at multiple outlets, including Amazon, Best Buy and directly from Google. The price applies to all colorways, though if you'd like it in coral, you'll have to get it from Google's storefront as that hue is exclusively available there.

We gave the Pixel 7a 90 in our review, calling it a slightly smaller Pixel 7, but cheaper. It's got the same processor, same 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage as the base base model Pixel 7 and actually contains a bigger battery and higher-res cameras than its pricier sibling.

Other Pixel devices are on sale too, including a 12 percent discount on the new Pixel Tablet, which brings it down to $439 at Amazon, Target, Best Buy or from Google's shop. You can check out our review of the tablet (and its particularly useful charging speaker dock) here.

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Photo by Billy Steele / Engadget

We think these are the best wireless buds Google has ever made, and right now they're on sale from multiple outlets. 

$139 at Amazon
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$139 at Walmart

Our favorite wireless earbuds for Android users are the Google Pixel Buds Pro, which are currently $140 at Amazon, Walmart, Target or from Google's storefront. That's a 30 percent discount and close to an all-time low. We like the deep, punchy bass and good noise cancelling capabilities. They have intuitive touch controls and a few extra features for Android and Pixel devices including Google Translate Conversation Mode. If you want something even cheaper, the Google Pixel Buds A-Series are down to $60 from $100 — a 40 percent discount.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 + $200 Amazon Gift Card

The Z Fold 5 is now available, but Amazon's pre-order gift card offer is still going, tossing in a $200 Amazon gift card for the price of the phone.

$2,000 at Amazon

Samsung's new foldables are now available, but Amazon is continuing to offer the $200 gift card bonus it included for pre-orders. Previously the retailer also threw in a free storage upgrade, but that deal looks to be expired. Still, $200 at Amazon is a decent perk — I'm confident most people can find something to buy.

Engadget's review of the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 just hit our site yesterday, and in it, Sam Rutherford noted that Samsung seems to be losing momentum after getting a sizable head start in the foldable race. But the new foldable is still faster and sleeker than its predecessor and has a new hinge that makes it thinner overall. It's just not a major upgrade from what we've seen previously. That said, if you're interested in a powerful foldable with bright and useful screens, this $200 gift card should take some sting out of the still-high price tag.

Amazon has a similar deal going for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, shipping a $150 gift card when you order the phone. Engadget's Cherlynn Low reviewed that device and deemed it "the best flip foldable," partly thanks to the much larger 3.4-inch external display that's now actually useful.

Razer Stream Controller X

This matches the lowest price we've tracked on the programmable streaming companion. 

$150 at Amazon

Razer's Stream Controller X is back down to an all-time low of $125, or 16 percent off its usual $150 price tag. The brand released the programmable streaming deck earlier this year and now it's back down to the low it hit over Amazon's Prime Day in July. The desktop device has 15 programmable shortcut buttons to get you streaming faster and in far more style than operating your apps, lights and effects manually. The button icons are customizable and you even have the option of swapping in different magnetic face plates so you can make your live stream setup your own.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Our favorite Android smartphone is down to its lowest price ever. 

$950 at Amazon

Foldables are generating most of Samsung's buzz right now, which is possibly why their latest no-fold smartphone is seeing a sizable discount. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is our current pick for the best Android smartphone you can buy and right now it's cheaper than ever on Amazon, down to $950 after a $250 discount. We gave the S23 Ultra an Engadget review score of 89 and particularly appreciated the brilliant AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, the excellent cameras and substantial battery life that went for 19 hours and 26 minutes in our rundown tests.

The Galaxy S23+ is also cheaper than ever, currently $800 instead of $1,000. Both that discount and the sale on the Ultra beat the all-time lows we saw back in July, but unfortunately, the base model Galaxy S23 handsets are sold out at Amazon as of this writing.

13-inch MacBook Air (M2, 2022)

Photo by Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

This $150 discount matches the lowest price we've tracked for the entry-level version of Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air with an M2 chip.

$949 at B&H Photo
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$949 at Best Buy

A few different Apple laptops with M2 chips are seeing discounts right now. That may be due to the fact that machines using a newer M3 chip are imminent. The 13-inch MacBook Air from 2022 is down to $949 at B&H Photo and Best Buy, which matches the lowest price we've tracked. The discount applies to the configuration with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD, which usually goes for $1,099.

It's our top pick for the best overall laptop, and earned a review score of 96 when it first came out. The ultraportable weighs just 2.7 pounds and has a thin, balanced design (the wedge shape of earlier Air laptops is gone). The screen is bright and accurate and the battery should last through 16 and a half hours of use, as it did in our video rundown test. Overall, it's a dependable computer for everyday entertainment and typical productivity — if you want something for heavy media editing, you may want to go for the Pro model, below.

If you want a little more screen real estate, you can go for the new 15-inch MacBook Air, which is currently $100 off, though earlier this week it saw a $200 discount at Amazon, a sale that will likely come around again, considering the coming M3 machines.

14-inch MacBook Pro (M2, 2023)

Photo by Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

Heavy users will appreciate the processing power of the new MacBook Pros and right now Amazon is selling the 14-inch model for less than it went for on Prime Day. 

$1,749 at Amazon

The M2 Pro and M2 Max chips give the MacBook Pro models a lot of processing power, which is ideal for music producers, video makers and other heavy users. The 14-inch model with 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage is down to $1,799 at Amazon, which is a $250 discount off the current MSRP and $50 lower than it went for during Amazon's Prime Day sale in July. We gave the MacBook Pro a review score of 92 when it came out in January of 2023. We like the sturdy design, plethora of ports and the clarity and lushness of the Liquid Retina XDR display.

Again, Apple is likely to release the M3 chips later this year, but if history is any indicator, they probably won't release the supercharged M3 Pro or Max chips until many months later. Either way, Apple is likely to keep these laptops in their lineup after the new chips arrive.

Google Chromecast HD

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Google's streaming dongle comes with a remote and gives you one of the simplest, user-friendliest smart TV interfaces you can get. 

$20 at Google
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$20 at Best Buy

Google's HD Chromecast dongle turns a regular TV into a smart one and right now is back down to $20, which matches its lowest price this year (it went for $2 less during last November's Black Friday sales). This is the HD version of the dongle, which is best for people with 1080p screens (the 4K version isn't currently on sale). We reviewed the Chromecast with Google TV when it came out last year and appreciated the easy set up, the useful remote and dead-simple streaming interface. If you've got a standard TV that could use more smarts, or are heading out on vacation and want to watch your shows on the hotel's (HDMI-enabled) TVs, this is a great device to have on hand.

Samsung storage sale

As part of a larger sale on Samsung storage devices, the Pro Plus 512GB microSD card is currently 42 percent off. 

$35 at Amazon

Engadget's Jeff Dunn named Samsung's Pro Plus microSD the best option for most people in his latest guide and right now multiple capacities are down to their lowest prices so far. The largest 512GB version is $35 instead of $60 while the 128GB size is just $12. These are the newer versions of the Pro Plus cards, which had the nearly the best sequential write performance and had faster random read/write speeds of all the cards we tested.

Other Samsung storage devices are on sale too, including the 970 EVO Plus 500GB internal SSD for 23 percent off and the external 1TB T7 Shield portable SSD for 56 percent off.

Arturia Summer Sale

As part of the company's summer sale, most Arturia software instruments and digital effects are half price. 

$99 at Arturia

Musicians looking for some new sounds would do well to check out Arturia's summer sale, which is running through August 15th. Many of their digital instruments, sound bank packs and effects are 50 percent off. Engadget's Terrence O'Brien had good things to say about their Pigments synthesizer, which is now $99 instead of its usual $199. The Dist Coldfire plugin, which Terrence says "might be might be the only distortion plugin you need" is now $49 instead of $99. Many more instruments and effects are on sale, so this is a good time to look around. Just note that the sale doesn’t include combo packs or hardware instruments and the sale ends August 15th.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless gaming headset

Photo by Jeff Dunn / Engadget

The top wireless pick in our gaming headset buying guide is close to an all-time low at Amazon and just a few dollars more at Best Buy.  

$154 at Amazon
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$154 at Best Buy

The top wireless pick in our guide to gaming headsets is the HyperX Cloud Alpha, which is now just $154 at Amazon or Best Buy. Engadget's Jeff Dunn particularly liked the impressive battery life, which can go for 300 hours on a charge. The set is also comfortable to wear for hours on end so you can test out that capacity for yourself. The sound is a little bass heavy and the mic isn't as great as others in its field, but the headset is perfectly serviceable. Jeff does point out that HyperX's companion software has been known to introduce latency, so you're better off going with third-party or built-in controls for audio EQ adjustments. It's also not compatible with Xbox and requires the use of its USB dongle.

Instant Pot Sale

Pick one up for $60 instead of $80.

$84 at Amazon

As part of a larger Amazon sale on Instant Pot appliances, the Instant Pot Duo is on sale for $60 instead of the usual $80. The do-nearly-everything cooker is an Engadget favorite, so it's great to see a few different iterations on sale. The sale also covers the brand's air friers, including the Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook fryer in the 6-quart size, which is $130 instead of its usual $170. That's our current pick for the best overall air fryer you can buy.

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