Sony's impressive WH-1000XM4 headphones are back down to $278

The best deal we've seen since Black Friday.

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Sony XM4
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Sony’s XMs have been our top wireless headphones since 2018 for good reason. They boast powerful active noise cancellation (ANC), a snug over-ear fit and generous battery life that has only improved with each generation. The latest M4s arrived with even more impressive features, but the biggest downside was the $350 price tag. Fortunately, a number of online retailers have the headphones on sale right now for $278 — the best price we've seen since Black Friday.

Buy WH-1000XM4 bundle at Adorama - $278

Of the deals, Adorama's has a slight edge as it's bundled in a 20,800mAh Morphie battery pack, which packs two USB-A ports for multiple device charging, with the black XM4s. While Best Buy and Amazon are offering the headphones in all three colors, including blue and silver.

Buy WH-1000XM4 at Amazon - $278 Buy WH-1000XM4 at Best Buy - $278

Buy WH-1000XM4 at B&H - $278

Though the M3s were already impressive, the M4s offer solid improvements in all the major departments. Design-wise, Sony swapped plastic for matte coating to give the M4s a premium look. The headphones also provide a better fit thanks to a slimmed down headband, with a tweaked curve, and redesigned earpads that help to relieve some of the pressure that sealed-in ANC models create. 

In terms of sound quality, they use a new Bluetooth system on chip and algorithm to cut out background noise across the frequency curve. And though there are plenty of customization presets for audiophiles, they also just sound great out of the box. With the M4s, Sony also fixed a notable omission by adding the ability to seamlessly connect to two devices at once via the smartphone app. 

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