Space Force announces its personnel will be called 'Guardians'

Yes, the Space Force is still happening.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence receives a COVID-19 vaccine to promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccine at the White House on December, 18, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Pool via Getty Images)

While Donald Trump said that at first he was “not really serious” when considering a Space Force branch of the military, it has become real, and has continued to progress despite the ongoing pandemic. As the former Air Force Space Command becomes its own branch of the armed forces one year after it was signed into law, it has announced a title for the “space professionals” who work there: Guardians.

The new name was announced by the very-hands-on-with-space-stuff VP Mike Pence on the same day he received an injection of a coronavirus vaccine which is slightly more important at the moment. With the Space Force already busy explaining again and again to Star Trek fans that its delta/arrowhead logo is not the ripoff it appears to be, now it can add Destiny players to the list. Just as it said the delta logo came from the Space Command that was established in 1961, its “heritage” of guardians is traced back to the division’s motto that was apparently established in 1983.