SpaceX's SN10 Starship sticks the landing -- and then explodes

This Starship prototype was the first one to launch twice, and the third one to blow up.


After a last-second abort earlier today, SpaceX launched the SN10 Starship on a high-altitude flight test that took it 10 km above the Earth. The main difference between this test and earlier flights is that not only did it properly maneuver through a flip, it also landed softly back on the pad at Boca Chica, TX — no explosions involved.

Update (6:36 PM ET): So, about the no explosions thing — just moments after it landed and SpaceX's live feed cut off, SN10 joined its predecessors by exploding on the pad. NASASpaceflight captured the event — which Elon Musk called an "honorable discharge" via their own cameras. Hopefully we'll have more details soon on what went right, and what didn't.