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Spotify launches a Daily Wellness mix to fuel your self-care routines

It will be composed of a 'mindful mix of music and podcasts.'


Spotify is hoping it can help you feel a bit more relaxed in these trying times by introducing a mix of music and podcasts geared towards self-care and wellness. The service has launched the Daily Wellness mix, which is composed of what Spotify describes as a “mindful” mix refreshed morning and night.

Daily Wellness’ exact contents depends on your listening habits and preferences — hopefully, that means you won’t have to listen to self-help podcasts not quite up your alley. It sounds like the morning playlist is meant to help you wake up, though, while the evening one is meant to help you wind down. You can find the new music and podcast mix in the “Made for You” shelf on mobile, web and desktop.

This is the latest offering Spotify has rolled out in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Just over the past couple of weeks, it started allowing premium users to skip bad songs on playlists they didn't make and launched 17 editorially curated podcast playlists revolving around different topics.