Spotify lets you hide bad songs on playlists you didn't make

Premium users can automatically skip terrible tracks their friends like.

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A screenshot of Spotify's redesigned mobile app

Let’s face it: not everyone has as impeccable taste in music as you do. Your friends and other curators are bound to drop some stinkers in their playlists sometimes. Spotify’s latest feature for premium subscribers should make it a bit easier to avoid tunes you (or your pet) can’t stand. 

From the context menu on iOS and Android, you’ll be able to hide songs in a playlist so that every time you fire it up, Spotify will skip the tracks you don’t like. That’s a solid quality of life upgrade, since you won’t have to manually pluck the songs you dislike out of your queue each time you start a playlist you otherwise love. If you ever change your mind about a song, you can always unhide it. Can’t imagine I’d ever do so for “Birdhouse in your Soul,” though.

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