Spotify's new home screen helps you get back to favorites

It's built for podcasts and favorite playlists.

Spotify still isn't done revamping its mobile app. The music service is rolling out a "refreshed" mobile home screen for Android and iOS that makes it easier to return to favorites. You can catch up with the latest episode of a podcast, quickly fetch your gym playlist or otherwise find your go-to media without hunting. You'll still see new material to discover, such as the "Made For You" playlists and recommended albums -- it just won't be as prominent. The suggestions you see will change depending on the time of day.

There's not much mystery behind this strategy. Spotify is increasingly trying to dominate podcasts, and that means ensuring listeners keep coming back. A home screen that puts your podcasts front and center could go a long way toward fulfilling that goal. It's also an acknowledgment that many people have playlists they return to as a matter of habit -- you're probably not checking out new albums during your workout. It's too soon to say how well the redesign works in practice, but it's evident Spotify wants an app that reflects real-world listening habits.

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