Spotify's new home screen lets you quickly resume unfinished podcasts

You can also see three months of your listening history.


About a year ago, Spotify revamped its home screen to make it easier to find your favorite playlists and podcasts. It was a pretty helpful redesign, and today Spotify announced that it's further tweaking things with a focus on quickly getting back to what you've been listening to. For starters, the top grid showing playlists and podcasts you've recently played will highlight unfinished podcast episodes, so you can resume them with one tap. It'll also show podcasts you subscribe that have been recently updated with a blue dot to guide you to that new episode.

At the top of the home screen, right by that grid of recommendations, is a new "history" button. As you might expect, it'll show you up to three months of your listening history, both in music and podcasts. It'll show individual tracks and podcast episodes as well as the album, playlist or show that they originated from. Historically, it hasn't been terribly easy to find what you've been listening to recently on Spotify, so this should be a welcome feature — especially if you found some songs you liked off a playlist but didn't remember to save them to your library.

Lastly, premium Spotify users will get recommendation cards for artists they follow. Spotify says this new area is "personalized, timely, and reactive to your taste," but what exactly that means for these recommendations remains to be seen. In the images Spotify shared, the card looks like it is highlighting new music from a specific artist, but it's not clear if it'll only surface music from artists you follow or if it'll recommend things outside of your favorites.

Spotify says this new layout is rolling out to iOS and Android users over the next month, so don't be surprised if it takes a few weeks before it goes live for you. The last major feature Spotify introduced was a new way to filter liked songs by genres and moods, and that one took a few weeks to hit my phone, so you'll likely need to be a little patient for this update, too.