President Obama and Bruce Springsteen debut podcast on Spotify

It's a Spotify exclusive, at least for now.

Rob DeMartin

Spotify announced today that former President Barack Obama and musician Bruce Springsteen will host a podcast exclusive to its platform. The eight-episode series is called Renegades: Born in the USA and will explore topics such as “race, fatherhood, marriage, and the future of America.”

The podcast is the second one produced by Higher Ground, a production company owned by the Obamas; the first was The Michelle Obama Podcast which debuted last year. That show was a Spotify exclusive to start but was eventually released to other podcast platforms later on. The same is likely to occur with Renegades.

According to the Spotify press release, the two will discuss their “hometowns and role models, explore modern manhood, and confront the painfully divided state of the country today.” Obama states: “On the surface, Bruce and I don't have a lot in common. But over the years, what we’ve found is that we’ve got a shared sensibility. About work, about family and about America. In our own ways, Bruce and I have been on parallel journeys trying to understand this country that’s given us both so much. Trying to chronicle the stories of its people. Looking for a way to connect our own individual searches for meaning and truth and community with the larger story of America.”

The first two episodes of the Renegades podcast is available now to Spotify users.

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