'Super Mario Party' update adds proper online multiplayer

Compete with your friends from the comfort of home.


Super Mario Party has had very limited online play so far — you could participate in a "Mariothon" with just a handful of minigames and not much else. Nintendo is finally making interhet multiplayer useful, though. The gaming pioneer has released an update that gives Super Mario Party a much more robust online multiplayer experience. Up to four people can play the classic Mario Party board game or the team-based Partner Party, with 70 of the Switch title's 80 minigames available online instead of the paltry 10 from before.

You can mix and match the number of online and local players. Two couples can duke it out using two consoles, for instance.

The update is free, although you'll need a Switch Online membership to consider playing. While true online multiplayer is likely coming much later than people would like (where was this at the start of the pandemic?), it could extremely valuable at a time when it usually remains too risky to meet your friends for an in-person Mario Party session.