Long-delayed 'Super Meat Boy Forever' arrives on PC December 23rd

You'll have to get it from the Epic Games Store for now.

Team Meat

Like other games with “Forever” in the name, Super Meat Boy Forever has been in development purgatory — we first got to try it in 2014, and even a 2019 delay proved wildly optimistic. It’s nearly here at last, though. Team Meat has confirmed that its extra-challenging platformer will be available on Windows PCs through the Epic Games Store on December 23rd. There’s no mention of release dates for other platforms, although that’s more a question of “when” than “if.”

The extended development came in part from a shift in focus. Forever was originally meant to be an endless platformer, but was reworked into an honest-to-goodness sequel in 2017. The plot and basic game mechanics have been familiar since then. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl set out on a quest to rescue their child Nugget from the clutches of Dr. Fetus, and you’ll have to navigate through a “brutal” world full of saws, salt and other meat-hostile hazards.

Expect to tear your hair out (figuratively, we hope). The original Super Meat Boy was notoriously difficult, and Forever is expected to up the ante. This is a unapologetic learn-by-dying title, and you may need extensive practice to have a chance of emerging victorious. Of course, that’s part of the appeal. When you win, you’ll know you’ve earned it.