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VR workout app Supernatural adds goals and streaks for motivation

Whatever it takes to get you off the couch.
Supernatural VR workout app
Cherlynn Low
Cherlynn Low|@cherlynnlow|November 20, 2020 10:00 AM

No matter how fun a workout is, keeping a consistent exercise schedule can be challenging. VR workout app Supernatural wants to help its users stay motivated and is introducing new goals and streaks features today to do that. The features will be available on the companion app for your phone, and will ask you to set goals and show your “Streak Weeks”.

The iOS or Android app will guide you through creating your goals, recommending that you aim to work out three times a week (advanced users will be encouraged to shoot for four times). According to Supernatural, four times a week for 6 weeks is the “magic formula to build a new routine you can stick with.”

Once you’ve set your goals, you can start collecting so-called Streak Weeks — that is, when you meet your goals for the week. The app will display a four-week calendar of your history and weeks when you’ve hit your targets will feature a design and animation to signal your achievement.

You’ll also see additional stats on your progress in the current 4-week window, such as the number of workouts, meditations, stretches and points you gained during that time. And like other fitness apps, Supernatural will offer badges you can collect for things like daily and weekly streaks. Plus, you’ll be able to enable notifications to remind you of upcoming scheduled sessions so you can’t use the excuse that you “forgot” to exercise.

None of these features are groundbreaking, but Supernatural is a fun app that’s helped many people stay active while stuck indoors. You’ll have to pay $19 a month for the app, which is available on the Oculus Quest. Its growing music library also makes its Beat Saber-style gameplay more enjoyable and now with goals and streaks, users may find more motivation to strap on their Oculus Quest and get sweaty as we head into winter here in the US.

VR workout app Supernatural adds goals and streaks for motivation