Tell us all about your Surface Earbuds

We’re curious to hear what you think about Microsoft’s wireless headphones.

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Microsoft Surface Earbuds
Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Microsoft made some waves with the release of the Surface Earbuds: from their distinct design shape to their comfortable fit and quality sound, they were intended to make a real impact on the wireless headphone market. Our reviewer Devindra Hardawar liked the practical controls and long battery life of the Earbuds, giving them a score of 83.

Last week, we asked owners of the Surface Book 3 to weigh in on their tablets; this week, we want to hear from owners of the Surface Earbuds. How do you like your Earbuds? How do they feel in your ear? What do they sound like? Do you get comments from others on their eye-catching design? How was the battery life? Tell us all the details on the Surface Earbuds product page. We want to hear the good, the bad and the unexpected. Remember, the best reviews are included in upcoming user review roundup stories!  

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Note: As always, comments are off for this post because we really want your input over on the Surface Earbuds product page!

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