Taiwanese horror game ‘Devotion’ returns after China controversy

Developer Red Candle Games has opened its own online store.

Red Candle Games

After it was pulled from Steam and GOG, the Taiwanese horror game Devotion is back on sale. Developer Red Candle Games has launched its own store featuring Devotion and its first game, Detention, both available in DRM-free formats, The Verge has reported.

The game has been unavailable to purchase after it was review-bombed on Steam, following reports that it contained an image mocking Chinese President Xi Jinping with a controversial Winnie the Pooh meme. Red Candle Games apologized over the incident, saying it never intended for the image to appear in the final version. However, Chinese authorities revoked its partner's business license in China and Red Candle pulled the game from Steam just a week after it launched.

Devotion was set to appear on GOG last December, but owner CD Projekt Red decided not to list it "after receiving many messages from gamers." Red Candle promised to keep trying to make the game available, and how now finally managed to do so. "We hope to provide a direct and simple purchasing channel for players who’re interested in our games,” the company tweeted.