Fortnite Party Royale premiered Christopher Nolan's new 'Tenet' trailer (updated)

Starting at 8 PM ET.

'Tenet' (2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. )

So what’s next for the big event space in Fortnite? If you thought it would be another concert or DJ set, guess again. Starting tonight at 8 PM ET and repeating at the top of every hour, the Party Royale space will show a trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming time-travel movie Tenet. It’s not quite an IMAX screen, but with most theaters still shut down it’s an interesting form of a “Big screen” premiere event.

If you don’t catch it at first, Epic Games says the presentation will repeat until 8 PM ET tomorrow night.

It’s an interesting development for the film-loving director to present a look at the movie in an exclusively digital format that — judging by the video quality of that Diplo stream — might not have the best resolution. However, if the important part of cinema is a feeling of community and the scale presented by a big screen, then it makes sense why something like this might work. See you in-game at 8?

Update: The premiere came and went with no issues in the quality and a short Geoff Keighley interview with star John David Washington bookending the trailer. Of course, the fastest way to see the video itself, is to just watch it on YouTube. Still, get used to the format — Nolan plans to screen one of his films this summer in Fortnite.