Tesla is hiring people to handle complaints people tweet at Elon Musk

The CEO may no longer be the company's customer service department on Twitter.

Elon Musk wears many hats, but it seems that Twitter customer support may no longer be one of them. The company is hiring remote support staff to, along with other duties, handle complaints people tweet at him.

Among the job responsibilities of Tesla Energy Support Specialists are to resolve or redirect grievances as needed and to "address social media escalations directed at the CEO with critical thinking." The company ditched its PR department last year, and the support specialists are now "the front line and face of the Tesla brand," according to a job listing.

Musk has a long history of responding to customer questions and complaints in tweets. While it's somewhat admirable for a prominent CEO to address consumer concerns directly, he also has a track record of putting his foot in his mouth on Twitter. Whether those support specialists can also squash Musk's edgelord tendencies or prevent him from tweeting weed jokes that land him in hot water with regulators remains to be seen.

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