Tesla's US-made Model 3 now has standard wireless phone charging

It's one of the first real changes


Tesla hasn’t changed many visible features on the Model 3 since its debut, but it just made one that you’re bound to notice if you like to keep your phone topped up while you drive. An Electrek reader has confirmed that US-made versions of the Model 3 now come standard with wireless phone charging and USB-C ports. Until now, you had to buy either the Chinese Model 3 or a Model Y to get these creature comforts.

You can buy the official wireless charger from Tesla for $125 if you missed out, though adding USB-C will require turning to third-party alternatives.

This may seem like a small change, but in some ways it’s a big deal. Tesla hasn’t made many visible changes to the Model 3 since the EV’s debut. Things have apparently settled down enough for the company to spend time refining the interior, if just to add standard features that competitors have had for a while.