Tesla may offer remote access to your car's Autopilot cameras

Find out what's happening with your car when you're nowhere near it.

As helpful as Tesla’s Sentry Mode may be, it doesn’t provide much insight from the car’s cameras until there’s an incident. What if you could take a peek at any moment? You just might. Electrek reports that code sleuth Green has discovered hints at remote live access to your EV’s Autopilot cameras. You could track suspicious behavior before anything happens, or simply check conditions around your car before you walk to your driveway.

It’s not certain just how this would work, although you’d likely use for periodic drop-ins rather than non-stop viewing. Green noted that an Autopilot camera stream demands 30 megabytes per minute — it wouldn’t seriously strain a phone with an LTE or 5G connection. The data use might be enough to require a premium data subscription, although that’s not guaranteed.

It’s not certain when the live camera update would arrive, provided it’s not scrapped. Elon Musk has been teasing a ‘hot’ holiday software release, but Green warned that it might not make that release. If the feature does show up, though, it could give Tesla an advantage over rivals. While the chances of catching a looming thief or vandal are quiet slim, that might not be the point — this could provide both peace of mind and an extra set of eyes.