The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 bundled with a smart light is on sale for $25 right now

That's a record-low price for this tiny smart display.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Lenovo found success in the Google smart display space with its tiny smart clocks thanks to the devices' simplicity and affordable prices. The company introduced the modestly updated Smart Clock 2 this year and now Walmart has one of the best deals we've seen on it since its debut. You can pick up the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 plus one of the company's smart light bulbs for only $25, which is about $45 off its normal price. This bundle doesn't come with the wireless charging base that Lenovo introduced with the Smart Clock 2, but consider the display itself is $50 today at Best Buy, this deal would be a great one even if the light bulb wasn't in the picture.

Buy Lenovo Smart Clock 2 bundle at Walmart - $25

The design of the Smart Clock 2 is a bit different from the original in that it has a wider base, but the four-inch screen size remains the same. Lenovo also moved the speakers to the front of the device, resulting in a larger chin underneath the display. It doesn't hinder the minimalist look of the smart clock, and since it also means the speakers now fire outwards, it should actually help the blaring noise of your alarm reach your ears regardless of the position of the clock in relation to your bed.

The biggest new feature on the Smart Clock 2 is that the screen can now double as a night light and you can swipe down on the display to enable it. You can still ask the Google Assistant to activate the night light, but the extra gesture makes it so you don't have to speak to get some extra light in the middle of the night. Otherwise, the Smart Clock 2 can do everything the original device can, including show weather forecasts, enable alarms, play music and control smart home devices. Lenovo also kept a camera out of the equation yet again, which will make the Smart Clock 2 a more appealing option for those who have no desire to video chat using the alarm on their bedside table.

We can't speak for the quality of the Lenovo smart light bulb that's included in the bundle, but we can say that it supports white and color options with adjustable temperature and brightness. In addition to the companion mobile app, you can control the bulb using the Google Assistant or Alexa — and we expect you may do so using the former quite a bit if you pick up this bundle. If you have a small room in your home that you want to make a bit smarter, this Lenovo bundle is a solid, inexpensive way to do that.

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