The Morning After: Hasbro can 3D-print your face onto your favorite action figure

As long as they're specific action figures.


The Hasbro Selfie Series is a collaboration between the toy maker and 3D printing specialists Formlabs, can customize an action figure with your own face.


You can scan your face with a smartphone and get a custom-made, look-a-like action figure with opposable limbs: AKA the dream. At launch, options include Star Wars X-Wing pilots, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Snake Eyes from GI Joe and a few more. The idea seems to have come from a comic-con competition that offered custom action figures for five winners.

You'll need to download Hasbro Pulse, the company's dedicated mobile app, and wait for the scan feature to open up closer to the expected ship date in the Fall. The six-inch, "collector-grade" figure will cost $60 (plus taxes). Unfortunately, the offering is only available to customers in the US. I wonder if the majority of figures ordered will have childrens’ faces, or their parents’?

– Mat Smith

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Magic Leap 2 will go on sale in the US on September 30th

The enterprise headset’s price will start at $3,299.

Magic Leap’s second-generation mixed-reality headset finally has a concrete commercial release date. Magic Leap 2 first made its way to a limited number of users last year as part of the company's early adopter program. Starting on September 30th, though, anybody who wants (and can afford) to get the headset in the US can buy one. It’ll launch in three editions, the cheapest of which is the Base headset meant for professionals and developers who just want access to the augmented reality platform. The edition can be used for full commercial deployments and production environments and will cost $3,299 with a one-year warranty.

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Google files a lawsuit that could kick Tinder out of the Play Store

It's counter-suing Match Group over in-app payments.

Earlier this year, Match sued Google alleging antitrust violations over a decision requiring all Android developers to process "digital goods and services" payments through the Play Store billing system.

Following the initial lawsuit in May, Google and Match reached a temporary agreement allowing Match to remain on the Play Store and use its own payments system. However, Google parent Alphabet claims that Match Group now wants to pay "nothing at all" to Google, including its 15 to 30 percent Play Store fees.

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Preview: Apple’s watchOS 9 beta

Upgrades for workout and sleep tracking.


With watchOS 9, the company is bringing a robust slate of Workout updates, alongside new watch faces, redesigned apps and the ability to detect sleep zones. Thanks to the public beta, we’ve been able to take a closer look. We’re fascinated by the addition of cardio zones to the workout features. It might even be worth the risk involved in running beta software.

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PS Plus Extra and Premium games for July include 'Stray' and 'Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade'

You'll get access to 'Marvel's Avengers' and a bunch more Assassin's Creed games too.

Sony has announced the first new batch of games for its higher PlayStation Plus tiers since it revamped the service. Extra and Premium subscribers will have access to Stray, a cyberpunk adventure game in which you play as a cat with a drone companion. It's the first time that a third-party title will be available on a higher PS Plus tier on its release date — something that happens on Microsoft's Game Pass a lot.

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Sega's Genesis Mini 2 hits North America on October 27th

With six-button controller innovation.


Sega is bringing the Genesis Mini 2 to North America on October 27th. The company previously said its latest retro console will go on sale in Japan on the same day (though it's correctly called the Mega Drive Mini 2 there). It will come with more than 50 games, including Sega CD titles. At the time of writing, the Amazon listing shows that the console will ship from Japan to the US for $103.80 plus a $22 delivery fee.

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