The best board game deals we found for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Some of our favorite games are cheaper than ever right now.

Calico (AEG)

Prime Day is an excellent opportunity to score deals on all sorts of useful items, from laptops to robot vacuums. But all work and no play makes for a dull time, which is why we’re also glad to see plenty of Prime Day deals on board games too. They’re not just the usual suspects like Monopoly either — there are quite a number of quality titles here that tabletop gamers of all levels will enjoy. Below is a selection of the best deals we’ve found, plus we’ve compiled a much longer list of discounted games (and expansions) here in case you’re in the mood for more.

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King of Tokyo: New Edition

King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo (Iello)

The latest edition of King of Tokyo is on sale for just $25, which is $20 off its $45 list price. This is easily one of the most beloved board games of all time due to how welcoming it is to all ages. If you know how to play Yahtzee, you know how to play King of Tokyo. Plus, the theme is super fun: you play as giant Kaiju monsters destroying the city of Tokyo while battling other monsters for supremacy. If you already know you like this game and want to go all out, then consider upgrading to the King of Tokyo Monster Box, which is just $42 ($28 off the $70 retail price). This giant box includes the base game as well as all of its expansions. You’ll get extra monsters, extra power cards and more.

Buy King of Tokyo at Amazon - $25Buy King of Tokyo Monster Box at Amazon - $42


Calico (AEG)

Calico, a tile-laying game of quilts and cats, is available for just $22, which is 45 percent off the original price. Players in the game compete to sew the coziest quilt and attract cats. Each quilt has a specific pattern that must be followed but players will also need to create unique color and pattern combinations in order to draw the finest felines. This visually stunning game has a lot of strategy to it, and those who like abstract games will probably enjoy this.

Buy Calico at Amazon - $22

Splendor: Marvel

Splendor: Marvel
Splendor: Marvel (Space Cowboys)

Splendor: Marvel is discounted to just $28, which is 44 percent off the original rate. It’s essentially a re-theming of the original Splendor board game with the Marvel universe. Instead of just collecting regular jewels, you’ll be gathering Infinity stones, recruiting heroes and villains, and finally claiming the Gauntlet to win the game. Those new to board games will pick this up easily, especially if they’re already big fans of all things Marvel. If you’re not that keen on Marvel, however, the original Splendor game with a Renaissance Europe theme is also on sale for $25.

Buy Spendor: Marvel at Amazon - $28 Buy Splendor at Amazon - $25

Dixit (2021)

Dixit (Libellud)

The latest 2021 refresh of Dixit is currently on sale for $25, which is 36 percent off its list price. This game is fantastic for parties, as it accommodates three to eight players and is very lightweight. We’ve also found that it works for kids as well as adults. In it, players take turns picking one of 84 dreamlike illustration cards and coming up with a story based on it. The rest then have to pick a card that best matches that story. All of the cards are shuffled, then they’ll have to secretly vote for which card is the one the narrator chose. The game is fun and quick, plus the art is gorgeous too.

Buy Dixit at Amazon - $25

Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous
Disney Villainous (Ravensburger)

Disney’s Villainous board game is discounted to $24, a solid 40 percent off its $40 list price. In this game, players pick one of six Disney bad guys – options include Captain Hook, Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar, Queen of Hearts and Prince John – and compete against one another to achieve their evil goals before everyone else. If you want, you could also get Disney Villainous: Despicable Plots for $24, which adds more villains like Gaston, Lady Tremaine and the Horned King.

Buy Disney Villainous at Amazon - $24 Buy Disney Villainous: Despicable Plots at Amazon - $24

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