The next 'Outlast' game is a Cold War co-op fight for survival

'The Outlast Trials' is a sharp break from earlier single-player games.

Red Barrels

Red Barrels is moving in a different direction for its next Outlast game: namely, the cooperative multiplayer experiences you see with titles like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. It just used the PC Gaming Show to reveal The Outlast Trials, a co-op survival title set in a Cold War mind control research facility. There’s no gameplay to see yet, but you’ll clearly be running through creepy hallways as untold horrors chase you down.

The title arrives sometime in 2021. This might not be what you’re hoping for if you prefer the solitary adventures from earlier titles. It may be more appealing if you prefer to share your fright with others, though, and it’s a recognition that multiplayer elements have become popular even in traditionally single player genres.