The next ‘Sims 4’ expansion is all about sustainable living

The 'Eco Lifestyle' pack arrives on June 5th.

Electronic Arts

A new sustainability-focused expansion pack is coming to The Sims 4 on June 5th, Electronic Arts (EA) announced today. The Eco Lifestyle pack will let Simmers use alternative energy, grow their own food, wear planet-friendly clothing and up-cycle materials into new furniture. Set in Evergreen Harbor, it will encourage players to work with their community.

“As Sims explore all of the environmentally conscious efforts that The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle has to offer, they’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn more about how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle and collaborate with the community to make the most out of the resources they have. Simmers will be surprised by what a positive effect they can have on their world once they start making the rules,” EA wrote in a press release.

Those would be valuable lessons to learn under any circumstances, but they do feel especially timely now.

The expansion pack will be available for $39.99, and it will be ready for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously. You can still get The Sims 4 base game for just $5 -- a discount that’s been running since mid-March. Most other expansion packs, including the more recent Discover University and Island of Magic, are still on sale for $15 to $20.