Tidal's new Apple Watch app works without an iPhone nearby

You don't need Apple Music or Spotify to listen to music on your wrist.


Spotify's upgraded Apple Watch app already has some fresh competition. Tidal has released its first Apple Watch app, giving you the chance to either play offline music or stream without needing your iPhone nearby. You'll need to link your Tidal account through a web browser, but after that you can blast your running playlist from your wrist at any time.

Tidal was available on Samsung watches before this, but otherwise wasn't an option on wearable devices.

This marks the fourth major streaming service to run independently on the Apple Watch following Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. While that still doesn't leave you with many choices (Deezer and YouTube Music remain tied to your iPhone), it does make Apple's wristwear more appealing, at least compared to some platforms — even Google is only now bringing YouTube Music to Wear OS.

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