Tile teams up with Intel to help users locate lost notebooks

It’s like Find My Mac but not for Macs.

·1 min read
Nicole Lee/Engadget

If you have a penchant for losing your keys, Tile’s tracking tags could be worth adding to your keychain. Duct-taping one to your laptop wouldn’t be very elegant, though, so the company is teaming up with Intel to put its technology in the computer. It’s not clear exactly how the tracking capabilities will be integrated into Intel’s hardware, but Tile says that missing notebooks will be able to be tracked down even when they’re in sleep mode.

HP embedded Tile’s trackers into its Elite Dragonfly models earlier this year, allowing users to find their laptops via the Tile app on Windows or on mobile. Opening the app would show the last location where the laptop was pinged, and the user could tap into Tile’s network if the computer was outside the reach of a Bluetooth connection. The partnership with Intel is a much broader project, and will allow any laptop OEM that uses Intel chips to include Tile’s technology in their upcoming models.

The company says that the technology will be available to manufacturers later this year. Hopefully this functionality will help laptop users to find their pricey devices, whether they’ve slipped under the couch or made their way to the wrong airport.