Tile's first ultra-wideband tracker will use AR to help you find lost items

The company has upgraded the rest of its lineup and introduced its most powerful model yet.


Tile has unveiled its latest lineup of Bluetooth trackers and revealed some details about an upcoming ultra-wideband (UWB) model. Along with the brand new Tile Pro, revamped versions of Sticker, Slim and Mate are available today.

The Tile Pro is the company's most powerful tracker to date. It has a finding range of 400 feet, and it's lightweight and slim, so it could be ideal for helping ensure you don't lose your keys. Pro has a replaceable battery that should last for up to a year.

Sticker, Slim and Mate all have increased finding ranges of 250 feet. That's a 67 percent larger range for Sticker, and a 25 percent wider range for Mate and Slim. The three trackers have a louder ring than before too. Tile claims the latest Mate boasts a three-year battery life (as do Slim and Sticker) and a refreshed design. All four of the trackers have a water resistance rating of IP67. They should withstand being submerged in water up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Tile Lost and Found QR code scanning

Elsewhere, Tile Lost and Found is another way to help you recover missing items. Except for Sticker, every new Tile has a QR code on the back. Someone who finds a lost tracker can scan it and see the owner's contact details. They can then figure out how to return the device and attached item to the owner.

The new and updated models are available from Tile's website and other retailers. Tile Pro and the credit card-style Slim each cost $35, while Tile Sticker is $30 and a Tile Mate will set you back $25.

A safety feature is in the works that aims to prevent misuse of a tracker, which is not supposed to keep tabs on a person's location. The Scan and Secure feature will let anyone with the Tile app, whether or not they have an active account, detect nearby Tile devices and figure out if an unknown device is close to them.

Tile will roll out the feature on Android and iOS in early 2022. The company says it's working with advocacy organizations to improve the feature and bolster safety, and notes it will provide resources to victims who believe someone may be tracking them.

Tile Ultra's augmented reality experience for finding lost items. The screenshots offer visual indications of where to turn and move to in order to find the tracker.

Also in the pipeline is a Tile that uses both UWB and Bluetooth. A report earlier this year revealed the existence of the Tile Ultra. UWB devices can transmit directional and spatial data to narrow down their location more accurately than over Bluetooth alone.

The tracker's Point and Locate feature lets you use augmented reality to find the item with turn-by-turn directions and a visual indicator of where the tracker is. Tile's working with Google to refine the feature for Android 12 and UWB-capable phones

Tile says Ultra is the first UWB tracker that works on both iOS and Android. Neither Apple's AirTags nor Samsung's Smart Tags have full multiplatform support. Tile Ultra will be available in early 2022.

Even though both Apple and Samsung released competing trackers this year, Tile's business is still going well. The company says its revenue grew by over 50 percent in the first half of 2021. The latest trackers could put Tile in good stead for the short term, but the growing market might draw in more competitors in the future.