Todoist's new Boards feature is a better-looking Trello

Card-based project management comes to one of our favorite to-do apps.


Todoist is consistently one of our favorite to-do apps. The company is pretty good about releasing useful updates, and today it’s adding a Boards feature that should make it even easier to organize and visualize your tasks and projects.

The Boards format makes Todoist look a whole lot like Trello, another one of our favorite project management apps. The feature lets you view tasks as cards, and you can drag the cards horizontally into customizable categories. If you’re not totally sold on the format, you can switch projects back and forth between cards and traditional lists as you work.

Todoist Boards

Todoist’s Boards are rolling out now. If you don’t see the option immediately, it should appear in a day or two. Todoist hopes the new format will help you better visualize projects and collaborate with team members. The feature could be especially useful for teams working remotely.