Twitch is now available on Switch

Watch livestreams without a hitch.


Twitch is officially available on a Nintendo console — the Amazon-owned brand has released a Twitch app for the Switch (yes, that rhymes) that lets you watch the livestreaming service on the hybrid console. The free app offers the same core functionality as Twitch on other consoles, including on-demand videos. However, the Switch's nature might give it an edge — you can watch docked if you want the largest screen possible, or handheld if you have the itch to tune in from bed.

There is a potential hitch in the Switch version, though. As you might have predicted, this Twitch app is strictly for viewing. You can't natively broadcast your Metroid Dread session, and you certainly can't show your face when there's no selfie camera. You'll still have to route video through a PC (typically using a capture card) if you're more interested in creating content than watching it.

Not that you'll want to expect broadcasting any time soon. While Nintendo hasn't been adamantly opposed to Twitch, former president Reggie Fils-Aime told Polygon in 2014 that the company preferred more focused video sharing instead of simply streaming whatever you happened to be playing. The video game pioneer also has a long history of trying to control online videos and share profits from video producers' work. Although Nintendo has softened its stance since then, it's not exactly in a rush to make Twitch a two-way affair.