Twitter will let employees work from home indefinitely

It's acknowledging that a lot of work doesn't require coming to an office.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Numerous tech giants are letting staff work from home for months while pandemic concerns persist, but Twitter is taking things one step further. The social network has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it will let many staff work from home indefinitely, not just until COVID-19 is no longer a looming threat. Some people will have to come in for server maintenance and other in-person activities, but those who can justify working remotely might not have to set foot in the office again.

In a letter to employees announcing the policy, Twitter chief Jack Dorsey said it was unlikely the company would reopen offices or allow most business travel until September, with in-person events cancelled for 2020. He added that Twitter would boost its work from home supply allowance to $1,000.

It’s not completely surprising that Twitter would do this, and not just due to the relatively flexible nature of developing an internet-based service. Physical presences can be expensive between basic office space, amenities, relocations and travel costs. This could save money in the long run as Twitter only needs to accommodate those workers who need or want to come in.

To some extent, this also acknowledges that the pandemic may transform attitudes toward working from home. While companies have long insisted that people come in for the sake of collaboration and in-person interaction, some may decide that it’s simply not necessary or even thrive by staying put. Remote work avoids lengthy commutes and office drama while allowing more time with family — some of Twitter’s employees may be reluctant to give that up no matter how safe it is outside.