Twitter's new DM feature puts a chat box in the browser

It's now rolling out for desktop.


Twitter may look different the next time you visit its website on a PC. The social network has started rolling out a docked Direct Messaging box that sits right on top of your timeline, similar to Facebook’s or LinkedIn’s. It makes communicating via Twitter’s DMs feel more like typing into an instant messaging chatbox and eliminates the need to jump back and forth between your timeline and your private conversations.

Based on a previous report by Jane Manchun Wong, who’s known for excavating apps to look for hidden features, Twitter has been testing the feature since April at the very least. Now, the chat box is making its way to all users, and you’ll see it at the bottom right of your screen on the desktop version of the platform. That said, you can still see your conversations on the old DM interface when you navigate to the Messages tab.

Twitter has had a busy day. In addition to rolling this feature out, it also had to deal with scammers taking over a number of high-profile Twitter accounts to dupe people into sending them Bitcoin. The affected users include Apple, Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Kanye West, prompting it to temporarily limit verified users’ activities. It later issued a statement claiming that the hack was a result of a coordinated social engineering attack that targeted its employees who have access to its internal systems.