Twitter is bringing Revue newsletter signup buttons to profiles

It's another salvo in the fight for newsletter supremacy.

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Kris Holt
June 10, 2021 1:42 PM
Twitter newsletter subscription button

The newsletter wars are continuing to heat up. Substack appears to be growing apace and rumors suggest Facebook will roll out its own platform this month. Twitter jumped into the game in January, when it bought newsletter service Revue. Soon, Revue newsletter signup buttons will appear on profiles. 

When you visit the profile of someone who runs a Revue newsletter, you'll be able to subscribe with a couple of taps or clicks. After you confirm your subscription, Revue will start sending the newsletter to the email address that's tied to your Twitter account.

"We want to give writers tools to turn their growing, engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers," Revue wrote. "This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned." Twitter told Mashable that the subscribe button is coming to profiles on the web and Android first, and iOS a little later.

The move could make Revue a more enticing option for people who've been thinking about starting a newsletter, especially those who already have a ton of followers. Twitter is the main communication platform for many people in the public eye. If a Revue subscribe button is visible on a popular person's profile, it could prompt visitors to sign up. 

Writers can run free or paid newsletters on Revue. Twitter takes a five percent cut of subscriptions to paid newsletters — half of the rate Substack charges. Facebook, meanwhile, said this week it won't take a cut of creators' earnings at all until 2023.

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