Twitter makes sure Quote Tweets are just one click away

For better and worse, retweets with comments are getting renamed and easier to find.

ALASTAIR PIKE via Getty Images

Twitter’s ever-evolving approach to conversation on its platform has another tweak, as now you’ll see a Quote Tweet button in between the count of Retweets and Likes when you zoom in on a particular tweet. The standardized quote tweet arrived about five years ago, and has served as a way to highlight other posters you either really agree with or really disagree with.

Twitter - Quote Tweet counter

A few months ago Twitter pushed Retweets with Comments into a space along with standard retweets, but this new change makes it more apparent how many there are and puts them one click away instead of two. It first popped up a few weeks ago, and is interestingly timed just after Twitter enabled a feature that let posters limit who is allowed to reply to their tweet.

That feature can help cut down on the amount of time one has to spend dealing with spam replies or irrelevant arguments in a tweet thread, but making Quote Tweets so visible could help undo the convenience quickly.