'Vader Immortal' for PlayStation VR arrives August 25th

Lightsaber battles, no PC required.


Vader Immortal is a pretty great way to get your VR Star Wars fix. If you’ve wanted to give it a shot but don’t have a PC VR rig handy, it’ll soon be available on a new platform. the PlayStation VR version of Vader Immortal will be out on August 25th. As we learned this spring, the entire episodic game will be available in one purchase: that includes three episodes as well as the Lightsaber Dojo.

The brief trailer that was shown off today during the latest PlayStation State of Play livestream didn’t really offer any new info, but the good news is we already know this is a solid game and showcase for VR that’s well worth playing. The big question, of course, is how this game translates to the less advanced PSVR system. We’ll know whether it succeeds or not before long.