'Vader Immortal' comes to PlayStation VR this summer

You won't need an Oculus headset to wield a lightsaber.

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Lightsaber duel in 'Vader Immortal' for PSVR

You won’t need to don an Oculus headset to play Vader Immortal in the near future. ILMxLAB has revealed that the episodic Star Wars virtual reality game will be available for PlayStation VR sometime this summer. There isn’t much news as to what (if anything) has changed on a technical level for the title, but you at least won’t have to buy it piece by piece. All three episodes and Lightsaber Dojos will be purchasable together, the studio said.

The immediate appeal of Vader Immortal is fairly obvious: it’s an immersive Star Wars experience that has you wielding a lightsaber, jumping into hyperspace and otherwise living out your childhood dreams. We also enjoyed the well-written storyline, though. While this is arguably a technical showcase for VR, it’s also a solid game in its own right.

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