'Vampire Survivors' is getting four-player couch co-op

The hit game is coming to Switch on August 17th.


The terrific Vampire Survivors is on the way to the Nintendo Switch. You'll have another way to play the game on the go or on your TV when Poncle's hit game lands on Switch on August 17th. The base game will cost $5 and the two expansions will each cost $2.

Best of all, couch co-op is coming to all platforms, meaning you can slay thousands of enemies with the help of up to three friends. This new mode will be available on August 17th as well. While there won't be official support for online co-op, Poncle noted in an FAQ that you'll be able to use workarounds such as Steam Remote Play Together.

Vampire Survivors debuted on Steam in late 2021 and it later came to Xbox and mobile devices. For the uninitiated, the game asks you to pick a character with a unique starter weapon and perk. Your weapon fires automatically. The only agency you have during runs is your movement and the choice of an upgrade or a new weapon or perk when you level up.

Runs last for up to 30 minutes — or longer if you can figure out how to survive Death. That makes Vampire Survivors a great game to play while commuting (or at any other time, if we're being honest).