Walmart's Nest Audio bundle offers two smart speakers at 15 percent off

Pairing up for stereo sound boosts audio quality.

Nest Audio smart speaker (Engadget)

Google tossed price-conscious streaming music fans a tempting new smart speaker late last year with the release of the Nest Audio. In a crowded market, the slight speaker stood tall thanks to its decent audio quality and $100 price tag, which saw it nestled between the $200 Echo Studio and Sonos One and cheaper offerings like the $50 Echo Dot. Now, a pair of Nest Audios are on offer in competing deals, with Walmart edging out the Google Store with a $30 saving when you buy two of the chalk-colored speakers together for a total of $169.96.

Buy 2 Nest Audio at Walmart - $169.96

The extra Nest Audio is worth it, because when you pair them up, they sound even better. Stereo separation is especially important if you want a richer music experience, complete with improved presence, bass response and overall volume. Running two of the speakers in tandem also helps fill larger spaces with sound and setup is a cinch via the Google Home app. Or, you can use them in separate rooms, including to communicate with others.

While this isn't an all-time low price for the Nest Audio, previous deals required memberships or were limited runs, meaning the Walmart offer is definitely worth a look.

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