Watch Apple's 'Unleashed' event here at 1PM ET

New MacBook Pro models and AirPods might be on the horizon.


Apple's second event of the fall is about to begin, and like before you can tune in to see it unfold. The company will offer a live stream of its "Unleashed" event starting at 1PM Eastern. It's available below, but you can also watch through Apple's website, the Apple TV app or the company's YouTube channel. Engadget will also have an after-event stream on YouTube with insightful commentary and a dash of witty banter.

Many expect the event to have one main star: a redesigned MacBook Pro lineup with 14- and 16-inch mini-LED screens, new Apple Silicon and the return of favorite connectors like MagSafe, HDMI and an SD slot. You can expect to hear more about macOS Monterey's release date, too. There's also a chance Apple will introduce third-generation AirPods, other Mac upgrades (such as a high-spec Mac mini) and new or expanded services. No matter what, you'll probably get a surprise or two.

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