Watch the OnePlus 8 launch event right here at 11AM ET

Time to see what's inside the company's new flagship.

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Rachel England
April 14, 2020 10:00 AM
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OnePlus 8

COVID-19 might have put the kibosh on a lot of tech shows, but that doesn’t mean that brands have pulled the plug on their own launch events. The OnePlus 8 event takes place today, and you can watch it right here at 8AM PT/11AM ET.

There have been lots of spec and photo leaks over the last week, hinting at what OnePlus has in store for its first full lineup of 5G devices. Previous reports showed a hole-punch display and wireless charging is on the cards, while other sources point to the long-awaited introduction of waterproofing. A big leak from a UK retailer has left almost nothing on the table, confirming features, specs and local pricing.

You can catch it all on the livestream below.

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Watch the OnePlus 8 launch event right here at 11AM ET