Waze can finally help you find EV charging stations

Google Maps has offered similar functionality since 2019.

Everett, WA. USA - 07-23-2021: Electrify America EV Charging Station at Premium Outlet Shopping Center (Cindy Shebley via Getty Images)

One of the trickier aspects of EV ownership is finding charging stations. The infrastructure improves every year, but it’s still not as widespread and robust as what’s available to those who drive gasoline cars. That’s where apps like PlugShare and Chargemap can be a godsend, helping you not only find nearby stations but also plan your routes. Now there’s another option you can turn to for help.


Waze has partnered with Volkswagen (the automaker owns Electrify America) to map EV charging stations across the US. Starting today, you can use the software to add stops at stations along your planned route. If you’re so inclined, you can also change the car icon to that of a Volkswagen ID.4. Waze wouldn't comment on when the feature could come to other countries.

Waze parent company Google has been helping people find EV charging stations through Maps since 2019. And even if the update is long overdue, it’s one diehard Waze users are sure to appreciate — if only because it means they probably can get away with one less app on their phone.

Update 3:15PM ET: This post has been updated to clarify wider availability.