Waze's latest update adds lane guidance and proactive traffic updates

Waze updates are tweaking carpool, navigation and adjusting its ETA estimates.

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Live Map Save to App

Waze opened up its first global virtual event and announced some new features that are either live now in its app or will be available soon. One feature coming over from its cousin Google Maps right now is Lane Guidance that prompts drivers to get in the right spot for their upcoming merge or exit. It’s already rolled out updates to the ETA estimates that take into account roads with fewer drivers on them due to the pandemic.

Traffic Notifications for Waze

The navigation app is also taking a hint from Google Assistant with new Traffic Notifications that detect if backups have formed that might make you late — either for a daily commute or a one-time planned trip — and giving you a heads up to leave early. That feature is on the way next month, while a direct tie-in with Amazon Music is also on the way.

Some countries are also getting tweaks to its ride-sharing Carpool features, and everyone can appreciate the recently-added Live Map Save to App feature. So even if you’re working across multiple platforms, like in a desktop browser, you can pull up Waze, check real-time traffic data, save the route with associated information and it will immediately be available on your phone.

Last but not least, a Batman them is available from now until October 31st, with voice overs available from Batman (Kevin Conroy) or The Riddler (Wally Wingert) as well as associated icons.

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