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Is the Connect Smart Grilling Hub a great tool for outdoor cooking?

Tell us how Weber's smart cooking device is working out for your best meat dishes.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub
Billy Steele/Engadget
Amber Bouman
Amber Bouman|@dameright|April 30, 2020 11:00 AM

There are a lot of devices that tack on a bit of tech and connect to an app in order to enter the ‘smart’ market, whether or not there’s any value in doing so. However, Weber’s Connect Smart Grilling Hub isn’t one of those. When Senior Editor Billy Steele spent some time using it to grill ribs, tri-tip and pork shoulder, he found the Smart Grilling Hub to be a useful tool with some thoughtful software features. The recipes were helpful, the alerts helped keep the food’s temperature on target and the instructional videos were informative. Add in hardware with a long battery life and well-thought-out controls, and the Connect Smart Grilling Hub earned a credible score of 80.

If you bought this $130 smart cooking gadget, we genuinely want to hear what you think about it. Did you like the recipes and videos? How well did the Hub work for your grilling? What did you make? What were the drawbacks and downsides of the device? Give us all the details in your own user review on the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub product page; after all, no one knows a device better than the folks who have bought it and use it regularly. Remember, not only does your user review help other readers make a decision on what to buy, but the best comments will be included in an upcoming user review roundup article!

Note: As usual, there are no comments on this article. However we’d love to hear all your thoughts and opinions on our Connect Smart Grilling Hub product page!